TABPI releases “The Big 95” list of top b2b publications

CLEVELAND —Trade, Association and Business Publications International (TABPI) has released its first-ever “The Big 95” list, highlighting the 95 most acclaimed b2b / trade publications. The Big 95 list includes titles from United States, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Paul J. Heney, TABPI President, explained that the lineup reflects data from the first 12 years of the Tabbie Awards, TABPI’s annual editorial and design awards competition.

“Honoring excellent design and editorial work is what the Tabbies is all about,” said Heney. “But we felt that it was also important to recognize consistency. There are many publications that excel year after year, and The Big 95 honors those editors and art directors who have taken pride in what they do on a continual basis.”

Topping the inaugural list is Massachusetts-based Computerworld. Another Massachusetts publication, Network World, placed second and EXHIBITOR Magazine, based in Rochester, Minn., was third. The rest of the top 10 features NCAA Champion, Modern Healthcare, INSTORE, Pensions & Investments, Professionally Speaking, Pizza Today and Civil Engineering.

To see the complete list, please visit The Big 95 page.



ASBPE/TABPI book is released

Journalism That Matters book cover TABPI ASBPECLEVELAND — TABPI is associated with a new book that explores what b2b editors can do for their industries and how they can affect change. Journalism That Matters: How Business-to-Business Editors Change the Industries They Cover (Marion Street Press, Oak Park, Ill.: ISBN: 1933338083) looks at 17 stories of change-making journalism by trade and association publication editors. Among them:

* How the U.S. Department of Defense came clean on weaknesses in its computer network after a report by Federal Computer Week.
* How London-based Legal Business shook up the tradition-bound U.K. judicial system by exposing broad discontent among lawyers with one of the country's most important courts
* How federal agencies stepped up their verification of job applicants after Government Computer News uncovered egregious resume padding by a top U.S. Department of Homeland Security IT official.

"We selected stories from a wide range of b2b and association publications to showcase the power of trade journalism," says Steven Roll, co-editor of the book and president of the Washington, D.C., chapter of the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE). "We include pieces from traditional trade magazines and tabloids, newsletters, association publications, peer-reviewed association journals, and publications that sit in the nexus between trade and the consumer publications, like PC World."

The book is designed as a compilation of best practices for professional editors, but it's also a window into the world of business reporting for journalism students. "It may wake up some journalism professors to inspire young students to join the trade press," Don Ranly, professor emeritus, Missouri School of Journalism, says in the book's foreword.

The book is set to make waves. Its case studies are by editors who are members of, or have had their work recognized by, ASBPE and TABPI.

"We're showing that trade journalism is journalism that matters," says co-author Robert Freedman, immediate past president of ASBPE. "Trade editors are changing the face of the industries they cover by running stories that shake up the status quo and lead to innovation."

More on the book is available here.


TABPI's Associate Director, Southeast Asia co-authors book on succeeding in the new economy

Dot Zen book cover TABPISINGAPORE — The first ever business book from Asia Pacific by co-authors Dr. Seamus Phan and Ter Hui Peng, Dot Zen, shows their real-world business experience in helping Fortune 1000, high-tech and smaller businesses succeed through a holistic approach of business leadership, entrepreneurship, high-tech marketing, publicity, public relations (PR), managing people, and the smart use of the Internet.

This is NOT a book about religion, but a unique non-aggressive way of doing business, and succeeding in this new economy. Dot Zen presents an educational approach to Zen ideas, as well as hundreds of pages of action steps and insider's tips and secrets to growing a business through entrepreneurship, leadership, customer service, total quality, marketing, publicity, public relations, human resource management (HRM), ethics, and Internet technology.

Dot Zen has been featured and reviewed by Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), The Age Australia, NewsRadio 93.8 FM, Capital Radio 95.8 FM,, Network Computing Asia, Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), eMediaWire, eWorldWire, AlwaysOn Network, Press World, Buddhist News Network (BNN), and American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE)'s Recommended Books List. Singapore-based Phan is currently TABPI's Associate Director, Southeast Asia. For more information on the book, click here.


ASBPE textbook teaches mastery of business publication editing 

Best Practices of the Business Press book coverNAPERVILLE, Ill. — The American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE), a professional society for editors of trade and business-to-business publications in the United States, announced the release of Best Practices of the Business Press, 170 pp., Kendall Hunt Publishing, $35 (0-7575-0862-6).

The book is a resource for mastering business, trade, and association publication editing based on the practices of veteran editors in the field.

"With its focus on practical, how-to help, the book aims to fulfill a need for professional and aspiring business publication editors seeking ideas from editors who are working in the field today," says Robert Freedman, ASBPE president and editor of the book. "Professional trade publication editors and college-level journalism instructors made it clear there's a need for more information on what the business press is all about and how publication editing in this field differs from practices in the consumer press."

The book's hallmark is its nuts-and-bolts approach. Each chapter, written by a veteran editor, covers a key element of business publication editing, from publication launch and redesign to business reporting to trade show coverage to technical editing.

The editors outline the main principles they follow in their own work, then share examples of how those principles are fleshed out on the pages of publications, both theirs and others. Several chapters include exercises to help readers apply what they learn. All contributors are either ASBPE members, winners of national ASBPE editorial excellence awards, or college instructors with roots in the business press.

 The publisher, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, Dubuque, Iowa, publishes materials for primary, secondary, college, and professional continuing education. Information about the publisher is available at To order Best Practices of the Business Press directly from the publisher, click here and order online or call (800) 228-0810.



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