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Best Single Issue: Top 25 Issues

1. (Gold Winner)

New Zealand Doctor
15 August 2018 Issue
New Zealand Doctor editorial team


Judging comments:
“This issue of NZD is alive and engaging, starting with a bold cover photo that leaps from the page. Unlike other tabloid publications that fall prey to clutter, this one respects the beauty of white space. The writing is good; more than that, it conveys a clear editorial voice. That voice is both authoritative and conversational, aimed at providing ‘a relaxing, comprehensive read.’ NZD has personality and builds rapport with readers — it’s at the top of its game.

“Tabloid publications are hard to get right, and NZD does the format justice. The pages are not too crowded, and it is easy to shift from one story to the next. The cover was clean and focused with a great visual that carried into the issue.”

2. (Silver Winner)

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine
January/February 2019 Issue
Sean Plottner, Wendy McMillan, George Spencer, Theresa D’Orsi, Sue Shock


Judging comments:
“This anniversary issue of DAM leads with an elegant cover design that lures readers into exploring a whopping 172 pages of great content. While 51 of those pages are Class Notes, the rest impeccably tell the stories of Dartmouth’s past and future. It’s evident that staff dug hard to unearth letters and photos — the history — that are the backbone of the issue. For a sense of what tireless attention to each detail of the editorial and design process looks like, read this issue. From the cover to the themed content to the mix of original images, this entry is a celebratory tour de force.

“The entire publication is well done, and the issue theme is coherent and complex. The articles are targeted toward the theme, and the artwork completes the picture well.

3. (Bronze Winner)

Baking Business
Oct/Nov 2018 Issue
The Magazine Publishing Company


 Judging comments:
“BB hits all of the high points: clean layout; easy-to-follow articles; well-written columns and features; and items targeted to its audience. The magazine does everything right



4. Employment Today
June 2018 issue
Lyndsey Swan



5. The O&P EDGE
May 2018 Issue
Tonja Randolph, Andrea Spridgen, Karyn Sader



6. Infectious Disease Special Edition
The Curse of Valley Fever, Infectious Disease Special Edition
Marie Rosenthal, Matthew White, Kristin Jannacone, Betty Zhong



7. It is Innovation (i3)
September/October 2018 Issue
Cindy Stevens, Mark Chisholm, Jeremy Snow



8. Police Journal
June 2018 issue
Brett Williams, Sam Kleidon, Steve McCawley



9. Wood Design & Building
Fall 2018 Number 80
Theresa Rogers, Etienne Lalonde, Sarah Hicks, Natalie Tarini, Ioana Lazea



10. PETS+
February 2018 issue
Ralf Kircher, Pamela Mitchell, Victor Marlu Cantal, Mar Jefferson Go, Chris Burslem



11. GPSolo
Veterans Law issue, January/February 2018 (35:1)
Robert Salkin, Tamara Kowalski, Alan E. DeWoskin, Jeffrey Allen



12. California Schools Magazine
Fall 2018 issue
Troy Flint, Kimberly Sellery, Serina Pruitt, Kerry Macklin, Hugh Biggar



13. Champion
Fall 2018
Champion staff



14. The Register
Fall 2018 Issue
Ontario Principals’ Council



15. Construction Executive
July/August 2018
Lauren Pinch, Joanna Masterson, Maggie Murphy



16. The Surveyor
Issue 1 2018
The Magazine Publishing Company



17. restaurant development + design
January/February Issue
Maureen Slocum, Rebecca Kilbreath, Joe Carbonara, Anne LoCascio, Eric Uhl



May/June 2018 (Changing How Higher Ed Does Business)
D. Teddy Diggs



19. Professionally Speaking
March 2018 Issue
Kristin Doucet, Studio 141, Editor-in-Chief Bill Powell, Publisher Richard Lewko



20. Human Resources Director
Hot List issue
Justin Kennedy



February 2018
Exhibitor Media Group



May 2018
Trace Shelton, Eileen McClelland, Mar Jefferson Go, Chris Burslem



23. E&T
The Borders Issue
Dickon Ross, John Rooney, Dominic Lenton, Tim Fryer, Vitali Vitaliev



24. HR Magazine
April 2018 issue
HR Magazine staff



25. ACC Docket
July/August 2018
ACC Docket editorial staff




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