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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

Back to the Future of Edtech: A Meditation
John O'Brien, Diana Teddy Diggs, Scott Ladzinski


Judging comments:
“The passion, knowledge and care that the writer brings to this piece punches, fast, through the reactive-responsive, illustrative design of this long-read feature. Wonderful first-person style of writing, which works for an article such as this. Not least, what an impeccable focus on design, inherently necessary to pulling off something as complex as this deep, ‘eye-candy’ feature. ... Extremely well-written and went beyond a mere history lesson. The writer wove words in with the artwork to form a cohesive vision.


2. (Silver Winner)

Police Journal
The Killing of Ting Fang
Brett Williams


Judging comments:
This gritty feature keeps readers moving from its strong lead to satisfying finish. The writer, a former police officer and sole editor and manager of the journal, uses a frank, clear writing style to steer his audience through the fascinating process of deduction in the investigation of the murder of a Sydney sex worker. He skillfully combines this with pull-quotes and evidence photos that push the story along and, importantly, a heartrending sidebar that brings the victim to life. What a masterfully packaged — albeit, tragic — read.


3. (Bronze Winner)

Breaking Through Bias
Tricia Bisoux


Judging comments:
The feature is well-written and covers a lot of different angles seamlessly and thoroughly without bogging down the flow.


4. Professionally Speaking
The Benefits of Occasional Teaching
Stuart Foxman, Kristin Doucet, Geri Savitz-Fine, Bill Powell, Richard Lewko



The Great Escape
Exhibitor Media Group



6. Water & Wastes Digest
Hounded by Harvey
Bill Wilson, Bob Crossen, Lauren Baltas, Amy McIntosh, Jason Kenny



7. Elevator World
Another World
Kaija Wilkinson



8. Roads & Bridges
A new life for the Old Bridge
Brian W. Budzynski, Jazmin Huerta



9. AATCC Review
Microfiber Shedding: Hidden Environmental Impact
Kilara Le



10. Civil Engineering magazine
A Greater Wonder
Robert L. Reid, Luis Santanach Bernal, Miguel F. Perkins, Daniel Gessler, Philip S. Stacy



11. HR Magazine
Age of Rage
Dori Meinert



12. Retail Environments
Cradle to Where?
Beth Feinstein-Bartl, Jo Rossman



13. Foodservice Equipment Reports
The Communicating Kitchen Movement
Beth Lorenzini, Allison Rezendes, Rita Negrete-Rousseau



14. CIM Magazine
The carbon conundrum
Peter Braul, Tom DiNardo, Ryan Bergen, Kelsey Rolfe



15. Lighting & Decor
Design Interrupted
Alison Martin



16. World Highways
Seattle Tunnel
David Arminas



17. Engineering Georgia
Engineering the Home of the Braves
Lori Johnston, Michael Sullivan, Sasha Ugi



18. InfoSecurity Professional
Change Management: Transforming Resistance into Acceptance
Paul South, Anne Saita, Deborah Johnson



19. The Journal of Emergency Dispatch
Vacation Nightmares
Josh McFadden



20. Air Force Magazine
USAF’s Aggressors
John A. Tirpak




21. TechRepublic
The state of women in computer science: An investigative report
Alison DeNisco Rayome




22. Champion magazine
Guardians of the Game
Amy Wimmer Schwarb



23. APICS magazine
Logistics Trends and Transformation
Elizabeth Rennie



24. Commercial Investment Real Estate
The Wild, Wild West
Sara S. Patterson



25. Addiction Professional
Addiction Overload
Tom Valentino




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