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Best Single Issue: Top 25 Issues

1. (Gold Winner)

May 2016 Issue
Deirdre Carroll, Victor Alvarez, Mar Jefferson Go, Giancarlo Solamo


Judging comments:
INVISION carried the childlike theme throughout the entire issue with bright, eye-popping graphics that fit the content.”

2. (Silver Winner)

Baking Business
August 2016
Baking Business Staff


Judging comments:
Baking Business has a crisp, clean layout and is simply full of inspiring writing. A joy to read.

3. (Bronze Winner)

August/September 2016
Simon Lewis, Monique Jacobs, Brent Meder, Rugshaana Abrahams, Refilwe Seatlhodi


 Judging comments:
Leadership has eye-catching, cohesive artwork and well-thought out copy. The writing is as stunning as the graphics.



4. Champion magazine
Oct. 15, 2016 issue
Champion staff



5. IR Magazine
Spring 2016 issue
Tim Human, Kathleen Hennessy, Candice de Monts-Petit, Garnet Roach, James Noden



No. 03.16
SPH Magazines Pte Ltd



August/September 2016 Issue
Methil Renuka, Kristijan Srsa, Jay Caboz



8. Community College Journal
October/November 2016 issue
American Association of Community Colleges



9. Employment Today
Issue 200, May 2016
Lyndsey Swan



Edition 47
Contact Media & Communications; Sean Press; Donna Verrydt



11. BizEd
March/April 2016
Tricia Bisoux and Sharon Shinn



12. Hospitals & Health Networks
March 2016 Issue
Bill Santamour



13. The Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons
May 2016 issue: What if we cured cancer?
Neil Mortensen, David Sanders, Matthew Whitaker, Kim Lewry, Vivienne Button



14. GPSolo
September/October 2016 (Vol. 33, No. 5)
Robert Salkin, Tamara Kowalski, Jeffrey Allen, Benjamin Sanchez, GPSolo Editorial Board



15. design:retail
July 2016 issue
Alison Embrey Medina, Jessie Dowd, Michelle Havich, Wendi Van Eldik



16. ACC Docket
July/August 2016
ACC Docket Editorial Staff



17. Police Journal
August 2016 Issue
Brett Williams



18. OPC Register
Fall 2016 Issue – A Call to Action
Ontario Principals’ Council



19. Commercial Investment Real Estate
November/December 2016 Issue
Sara Patterson



September 2016 Issue
Trace Shelton, Eileen McClelland, Mar Jefferson Go, Giancarlo Solamo



21. Professionally Speaking
No Limit to Learning, March 2016
Richard Lewko, Publisher; William Powell, Editor-in-Chief; Kristin Doucet, Managing Editor; Leata Lekushoff, Senior Editor; Studio 141 Inc.



22. Pharmacy Today
The August issue
Pharmacy Today staff



23. The O&P EDGE
February 2016 issue
Tonja Randolph, Andrea Spridgen, Karyn Sader



24. World Highways
Nov/Dec 2016 edition
Mike Woof, Geoff Hadwick



February 2016 issue
Lee Knight, Travis Stanton, Heidi Howe




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