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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

8 Holiday Customer Types
Eileen McClelland


Judging comments:
"The article is funny, targeted, and very well-written. The artwork is as great as the writing. Clever writing and unique design elements bring to life this thoughtful look at how to handle challenging holiday customers. A fun read that serves the reader well.



2. (Silver Winner)

Mapping the Madness
Amy Wimmer Schwarb


Judging comments:
"The story flow is excellent, with the narrative winding its way from beginning to end in a seamless pattern. The layout is captivating as well. Wonderfully written and targeted to its audience.


3. (Bronze Winner)

Police Journal
Memories of Meagher
Brett Williams


Judging comments:
"The feature has the right mix of superb storytelling mixed with an interesting subject. The writer does an excellent job combining the past with the present.


4. EXHIBITOR Magazine
Hyundai's Killer Campaign
Lee Knight, Travis Stanton, Heidi Howe, Lena Hewitt, Linda Armstrong



5. Breakbulk Magazine
Fuel's Gold - January-February 2015
Herman Trabish, reporter; Gary G. Burrows, editorial director; Catherine Dorrough, art director



6. Tobacco Reporter
A remarkable journey
Taco Tuinstra



7. Hospitals & Health Networks
Three Practical Approaches to Population Health
Paul Barr



8. Professionally Speaking
Games On
John Hoffman (writer), Kristin Doucet (managing editor)



The Year of Reading Seriously



10. HR Magazine
A Lot to Lose
HR Magazine Staff



11. World Highways
Almost gone: Canada’s old Port Mann Bridge deconstructed
David Arminas, Mike Woof, Geoff Hadwick



12. Atlantic Business Magazine
Ancient land, modern life
Stephanie Porter



13. FUEL
From Molecules to Products: Petrochemicals' Global Rise
Bryan Sims



14. Retail Environments
Renaissance Man
Robert Nieminen, Jo Rossman, Karen Benning



15. Commercial Investment Real Estate
The Millennial Way
Sara Drummond



16. CIM Magazine
Muddy waters
Eavan Moore, Peter Braul, Tom DiNardo, Kelsey Rolfe, Ryan Bergen



17. earthworks magazine
Project feature: ASA Rwanda/It's a human right
Christy van der Merwe, Liesl Hattingh, Bianca-Leigh Nagel



18. E&T magazine
Recipe for De-Extinction
Chris Edwards



19. AATCC Review
A New Spin on Laundry Day
Glenna B. Musante



20. Electrical Contractor Magazine
November 2015 The Fight Against Invisibility



21. CFMA Building Profits
Roll the Hard Six: Exposing the Secrets of the Workers' Comp System's 'House' Advantage, May/June 2015



22. Australian Pharmacist
S3 dead as a duck? Think again
Andrew Daniels



23. Better Farming
Precision Technology On The Farm Who owns the data on the new cloud servers?
Don Stoneman



24. ACC Docket
Advanced Persistent Threats: Effective Responses to Nation-State Attacks
Adam Palmer



25. Ascent
No. 03.15
Dora Tay




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