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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

Super Jewelers
Trace Shelton


Judging comments:
"'Super Jewelers' is beautifully designed, creative, and targeted to the audience. The magazine was able to take a mundane topic and turn it into a colorful feature splash that is certain to pull in its readers.



2. (Silver Winner)

NCAA Champion Magazine
Earning the call
Brian Burnsed


Judging comments:
"This is a hard-hitting tale that is expertly told. You can see the work and time that went into crafting the feature, and the end result is a brilliant, gripping tale that is highly targeted to NCAA’s audienc..


3. (Bronze Winner)

CIM Magazine
On the Land
Eavan Moore, Alexander Filion, Pat Kane, Peter Braul


Judging comments:
"This article tackles a tough topic by combining personal experiences and data to help inform readers about a challenge that they might be facing. The story is poignantly presented and precisely written. You can feel the writer’s passion as she tells the story.


4. Police Journal
It Was Torture
Brett Williams



5. Entrepreneur Magazine South Africa
Issue 104, November 2014



6. Chemist and Druggist
Judgement Day
Samuel Horti



7. Professionally Speaking
Ontario’s Last Segregated School
Kevin Philipupillai; Jacqueline Kovacs



8. AATCC Review
Mopping Up Disasters: Textiles Protect People and the Planet
Glenna B. Musante



9. Benefits Canada
Craig Sebastiano



10. Civil Engineering
What Will It Take?
Jay Landers



11. Airport Business
Cyber Insecurity
Ronnie Garrett



12. design:retail
Inside Bergdorf Goodman
Jessie Dowd



13. RISKSA Magazine
Filling the Gaps - Health Insurance Tug-Of-War
RISKSA Magazine, COSA Communications



14. Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
15 Foodservice Trends
Maureen Slocum, Publisher; Joe Carbonara, Editorial Director; Caroline Perkins, Contributing Editor



15. Law Enforcement Technology
Drone report: Electronic news gathering, law and litigation
Sara Scullin



16. Professional Photographer
Motion Pictures



17. Air Force Magazine
Saving the Legacy of the Lafayette Escadrille
John A Tirpak



18. GAMA International Journal
What Women Still Want
Wanda W. Witherspoon, CLU



19. HousingWire
Wasted Opportunity
Sarah Wheeler



20. The Journal of Commerce
“Less Holding, More Selling”
William B. Cassidy, Sue Abt, Chris Brooks, Barbara Wyker



21. BizEd Magazine
Solving for X
Tricia Bisoux



22. The O & P Edge
Speed, the Grim Reaper, and Stroke Rehabilitation
Tonja Randolph, Phil Stevens, Andrea Spridgen, Karyn Sader



23. World Highways
Major Europe-Asia Bridge Connection in Turkey
Mike Woof



Tactile Tactics
Exhibitor Media Group



25. Pensions and Investments
Political Shocks
James Comtois, reporter




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