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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

Housing Wire Magazine
Creative Destruction
Jon Prior


Judging comments:
"What an interesting article. Great tone and interesting angle for an important topic. “Creative Destruction” puts a face on the housing industry and the steps that are being taken to reduce urban blight. The feature is well-written, yet highly informative. It includes data and numbers while interspersing engaging personality angles as well.



2. (Silver Winner)

Sleeping with their enemy?
Miriam Mannak


Judging comments:
"This masterfully written and compelling feature ventures to where few features dare to journey: To a recent massacre in its own country. The reporting and research are superb. The story brings the tragedy to life but goes beyond just a news rehash.


3. (Bronze Winner)

NCAA Champion Magazine
ObstACLe Course
Brian Burnsed


Judging comments:
"ObstACLe Course presents the perfect mix for a feature – enough human interest to engage the reader; enough technical information to educate the reader; and the perfect tone to balance the two. This is a fantastic feature with useful sidebars and illustrations to explain the injury, and more than enough heart to make the struggle believable and relatable.


4. Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
FE&S 2012 DSR of the Year: Morgan Tucker, M.Tucker/Singer NY LLC/
Amelia Levin, contributing Editor; Joe Carbonara, editor-in-chief



5. Professionally Speaking
Forces for change
John Hoffman, Jacqueline Kovacs



6. Best's Review
Cover Me
Kate Smith



7. Journal of Accountancy
Criminal Minds
Jeff Drew



8. restaurant development + design
Designing for Millennials
Amelia Levin, contributing editor; Joe Carbonara, editor-in-chief; and Maureen Slocum, publisher



9. Exhibitor Magazine
Spread the Dead
Lee Knight, Travis Stanton, Heidi Howe, Cynthia Porter



10. Network World
Gamifications of the enterprise
Neal Weinberg



11. BizEd Magazine
We Need to Rethink…Everything
David Bach, BizEd Magazine



12. CIO Digest
Crossing the Virtualization Rubicon: Not If But When



13. AATCC Review
Life-Saving Fibers
Glenna B. Musante



14. Modern Healthcare
Engaging Behavior
Paul Barr



Flying High
Trace Shelton



16. Elevator World
Robert S. Caporale, Elevator World



17. Works Management
Scream, IF You Want to Go Faster
Max Gosney



18. College Planning & Management
A New Era for Green Procurement
Deb Moore, Shannon O'Connor, Christine Reedy, Matt Cole



19. Commercial Investment Real Estate
Fast Pitch
Rich Rosfelder



Trace Shelton



21. PCMA Covene
Return of the Ribbon, September 2012
Michelle Russell, Christopher Durso, Barbara Palmer, Sarah Beauchamp, Katie Kervin



22. Hardware Retailing
A New Perspective on Pricing
Jaime Koch



23. SC Magazine
Guarding against a data breach
Illena Armstrong, VP editorial; Dan Kaplan, executive editor; Greg Masters, managing editor



24. CGA Magazine
Lead Us Not To Temptation
Beverly Cramp, Lorraine Pitt, Anya Levykh, Doris Hollett



25. Civil Engineering
Protecting Critical Facilities
Thomas L. Smith, AIA; Manuel Perotin, P.E. CFM, M.ASCE; and Erin Walsh




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