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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

O.C. Tanner
Eileen McClelland


Judging comments:
"Great analysis. Excellent writing and sources. Effective use of charts and graphs.

"This story was very well reseacrched and did a great job telling a story in a concise and compelling manner. Excellent job."



2. (Silver Winner)

Exhibitor Magazine
Expo 2010 Trends
Exhibitor Media Group


Judging comments:
"It's obvious the author has intimate knowledge of the project. Good writing; fast read. Great use of graphics.

"This is an incredibly informative and visually appealing in-depth feature article. Bravo to the writers/editors who painstakingly put this together."


3. (Bronze Winner)

Management Today
Do the Mash
Russ Gager


Judging comments:
'Do the Mash' was both entertainingand informative the best of both worlds in a feature article. Nice work."

"Interesting. Graphics move the story along. Long article but it doesn't read long." 


4. AATCC Review
Always Touching Fabric: Determining the Risks of Nanotechnology
Maria C. Thiry



5. EMS World Magazine
The Policy of Truth
Nancy Perry, Tracey Loscar



6. Civil Engineering
Entering the Mainstream
Jay Landers



7. NCAA Champion
Eye on the money
David Pickle



8. Forum Magazine
Link to Long Term Care
Michael Callahan, writer; Craig Harris, editor; Kristin Doucet, editor on leave



9. Tobacco Reporter
Tales from the tobacco road
Taco Tuinstra



10. MOTOR Magazine
Relearning the Alphabet: Making Sense of the Cooling System Scene
Paul Weissler



11. ACC Docket
Are You Building a House of Cards? Social Networking in the Office
ACC Docket Staff



12. Medical Economics
Diseases of the rich and famous
Jeffrey Bendix



13. Automotive News
The threat to Honda's mojo
Mark Rechtin



14. Modern Healthcare
Putting Hospitals on Notice
Gregg Blesch



15. The Journal of Commerce
Asia's Supply Chain Shift
Peter Leach, Senior Editor; Paul Page, Editorial Director; Chris Brooks, Managing Editor; Barbara Wyker, Assistant Managing Editor; Jay Sevidal, Art Director



16. BizEd
The Holistic Leader
Annette DeLisle, Sharon Shinn, Tricia Bisoux



17. Estates Gazette
Counting His Blessings
Lucy Barnard



18. Law Enforcement Technology
Cultivating life behind bars
Sara Schreiber



19. Military Officer Magazine
Time to Reconnect
Writer Heidi Russell Rafferty, Senior Editor Blair Sabo, Managing Editor Molly Wyman, Associate Editor Krysia Green, Assistant Editor Willow Nero



20. Sustainable Architecture & Building
Salt Building revival
Don Griffith, Carine de Pauw, Jim Taggart, Editor



21. Commercial Investment Real Estate
Running on Empty
Rich Rosfelder



22. Signal Magazine
Piracy Threatens Global Economy
Maryann Lawlor



23. Construction Executive
All for One, One for All
Joanna Masterson



24. Credit Magazine
Asia House
Sean Feast, Joanne Brown, Alex Simmons, Michael Standen, Iona McIntrye



25. EHS Today
Why We Need to Hang Up On Our Distracted Driving Addiction
Laura Walter, Senior Editor




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