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Best b2b Website

Bryant Rosseau


 Judging comments:
"Great open layout—not scrunched or bogged down with too many ads. A good balance with graphic and print."


The Journal of Accountancy staff


 Judging comments:
"The unique landing page is great. Not just dumping content on the front page is good."


BizTech Magazine Editorial & Web Team


 Judging comments:
"The video component of this page really stands out. With video being so hugely important these days, I liked this being highlighted.


Honorable Mention
Editorial Staff



Online Feature

My San Francisco Video Tour: The California Academy of Sciences
Bryant Rosseau, William Hanley, Jenna McKnight



 Judging comments:
"This was an excellent full treatment of a subject on mulitple media platforms."



Chemist + Druggist
C+D PCT Investigation
Zoe Smeaton, Max Gosney, James Clegg, Richard Coombs, Gary Paragpuri


 Judging comments:
"These short continued pieces were excellently prepared and seemed rather useful in a bite-size format.



What the Web Know About You
Robert L. Mitchell, Valerie Potter


 Judging comments:
"This provided excellent information. Enjoyed the sidebars very much."



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