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Best b2b Website

Gold, editor Gemma Westacott


 Judging comments:
"God bless a website that'll help me find a job AND a company that can help me solve a problem. So basically appealing and yet so difficult to execute. Organizing site by category (pensions, mortgages, etc.) sends visitor right to desired information well. Plenty of opportunity for visitor to comment or find additional information. I'll bet this brand's audience feels well-served.

"This is a very strong news site. I am impresed by the success of the home page navigation bars. When I first saw the two bars, split by an ad, I wasn't sure how well they would function, but as I navigated around the site it became clear how the navigation is organized. The integration of related content, blogs, etc., is seamless to the reader. The site design is very spare and clear, allowing the reader to focus on content. I like the home page organization into sections (marked by red topic headers.) The number of reader comments indicates it is a useful site—the hallmark of a publication's online success."


Network World
Network World Staff


 Judging comments:
"Excellent journalism exploiting the Internet's ability to allow visitors to explore a topic in a variety of other media. Logically designed and presented; doesn't force visitor to work to figure out what to do/where to go next. Beautiful."

"The navigation on the home page is very well organized. The three subtle sub-layers of navigation are clear and work well for the reader. There is a lot of content here and I like how each article/blog/etc. has links to related articles/blogs/whitepapers, etc."


Architectural Record
Architectural Record's Website
Bryant Rousseau, William Hanley, Jenna McKnight


 Judging comments:
"Site conceptualizes editorial around readers' needs (i.e., Architect's Survival Guide), provides solutions, and gives visitors the opportunity to comment.The information is packaged in an engaging rather than overwhelming fashion."

"This is a nearly perfect site for its audience. The magazine is feature-focused, so the home page devotes most of its space to its features. It still has a news headline feed at the top, and that element doesn't get lost, but the focus of the home page is clear. The site navigation is simple and well done, and the fly-out subnavigation is clear. The editors integrate all types of coverage (photo slideshows are particularly nice) into all content. Searches are quick (I wish search results would show the publish/post date). The site has advertising support but the site design keeps it subtle and fitting with the overall editorial style. This is a very effective, informative and aesthetically pleasing site that seems to work well for its readers."


Honorable Mention
Accountancy Age
Accountancy Age


Honorable Mention
PC World
PC World Staff


Online Feature

The Industry Standard
The iPhone Naysayers, One Year Later
Jake Widman, Ian Lamont, Chris Tompkins, Eric Hill



 Judging comments:
"Proves that, whether in print or online, excellent journalism begins with an excellent concept. Add solid reporting, links to additional information within the article, and the opportunity for readers/visitors to comment, and you're making the best use of the Internet's unique information-dissemination capabilities. Awesome."

"Excellent way to incite reader feedback, and it sounds like readers had a lot to say about this, which is very positive. The outcome of this was very good for readers, but unfortunately it didn't really seem to have to involve a lot of reporting. So it is very effective for what it is, but to win an award for feature writing it would require more investigation."



Tobacco Reporter
The Counterfeit Trail
Taco Tuinstra


 Judging comments:
"The reporter is very committed to the topic and the magazine had an accommodating travel budget. The blog format is excellent for this type of diary-format feature reporting. The photography and video make this an informative, integrated piece."

"Excellent work."



IT Hits the Highway: Big Rigs Go High Tech
Robert L Mitchell, Valerie Potter, Valerie Galluzzo, Presh Costales, Dawn Petersen


 Judging comments:
"Great image! The dramatic black and white digital image really sets the mood of the story."


Honorable Mention
Journal of Proteome Research
A controversial data set stirs up even more controversy
Katie Cottingham



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