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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

IT's Open Secret
Tracy Mayor, Valerie Potter, Kathleen Melymuka, Stephanie Faucher


Judging comments:
"Computerworld took a chance on publishing a feature that explored a sensitive topic about its audience directly: mental challenges more common than you think for IT personnel. Tracy did a superior job of analyzing Asperger’s Syndrome/high-functioning autism and how IT professionals are often diagnosed with this complication. Tracy talked to people with this mental illness and their difficulties and successes in the workplace. Tracy wrote an engaging lead that set the tone for the article and finished with a solid conclusion that justified the argument presented. The feature was interesting, engaging and relevant to the audience.

"The story provides great insight into the life of Aspies in this field. Excellent reporting and use of quotes."


2. (Silver Winner)

JCK Luxury
Seal of Disapproval
Carrie Soucy, Editor; Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor


Judging comments:
"JCK presented one of the best researched and effective feature stories. Jennifer and Carrie presented a compelling story about COO that directly affects their audience’s way of doing business. Both authors analyzed the problem with Made in China and how COO can impact sales for their audience. They quoted multiple sources and went beyond just using experts’ quotes to analyze the information they gathered. The feature is well-organized and contains multiple examples of the labels for COO and different ways that the audience can use COO to benefit sales. The layout is clean and easy to follow with a very stylized and polished presentation. The photos are blended into the text in an appealing form. Art elements enhance the story, and are relevant to presenting the story. Overall, excellent."

"The lead hooked me and I'd like to thank the writer for a great read. Solid reporting on an important topic."


3. (Bronze Winner)

Tobacco Reporter
Out of Africa
Taco Tuinstra


Judging comments:
"After I read this story, I felt like I'd been along for the journey. Excellent reporting and great storytelling. Thanks for the ride!"

"Out of Africa is the epitome of a compelling feature that captivates readers and involves them in the story. Taco is an excellent writer who can bring the reader to the forefront of any issue. He skillfully explores the issues facing African tobacco exporters and the truck drivers that must face challenges to get their product to market. I love Taco’s writing style and the way he weaves a story."


4. Engineering News-Record
Higher Learning
Tudor Van Hampton, Guy Lawrence



5. rt Image
Expecting Life
rt Image Staff



6. Law Enforcement Technology
The Balancing Act
Tabatha J. Wethal



7. Gifts & Decorative Accessories
Knock it Off
Caroline Kennedy, Meredith Schwartz, Bessie Nestoras, Miguel Bravo, Nancy Wolkow



8. Exhibitor Magazine
The Greening of the Industry
Charlie Pappas



9. DTN/The Progressive Farmer
The Best Places To Live In America
Jamie Cole, Gregg Hillyer, Jim Patrico, Dan Miller



10. Atlantic Business Magazine
Strangers in a Strange Land
Alec Bruce



11. Network World
CAN-SPAM: What went wrong?
Neal Weinberg, Executive Features Editor



12. Community Banker
Coming to the Capitol
John Ginovsky



13. Architect
Buckeye: Next 6 Exits
Ned Cramer, Amanda Kolson Hurley, Bradford McKee



14. NCAA Champion
Prop 48 is Growing Old
David Pickle



15. 1 to 1 Magazine
Get Past the Hype
Jeremy Nedelka



16. Realtor Magazine
Inside the Mind of the Consumer
Wendy Cole



17. Buildings
It's Green—Now Find Out What that Really Means
Jana Madsen



18. Physicians Practice
Voting for Change
Physicians Practice Staff



19. Civil Engineering
Carrying the Torch
Jeff L. Brown



20. Foodservice Equipment Reports
Liquid Assets
Janice Cha, Senior Editor; Julie Wilhm Art Director; Jennifer Hicks Executive Editor; Brian Ward, Chief Editor



21. LP Gas Magazine
Rust Belts
Patrick Hyland



22. Biz Ed
Teaching Business in aWeb 2.0 World
Sharon Shinn, Tricia Bisoux, Annette DeLisle



23. Proto Magazine
One Town's Treasure
Peggy Slasman



24. Engineering Inc.
Trouble Below
The Magazine Group



25. Multichannel News
Breaking Free
Todd Spangler




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