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Best Single Issue: Top 25 Issues

1. (Gold Winner)

Fall 2008 Issue
Katelyn Wyszynski, Jason King


 Judging comments:
"Move Magazine starts with an eye-catching cover that draws the readers in. The illustration is perfect for the cover story, which is also well-written. The magazine presents information in a clean, crisp fashion that is appealing to the readers. There is no “fluff.” The articles are all targeted to the audience. Move has great flow; the articles and sections are expertly placed. Several of the features analyze trends. All of the features are industry-specific and are relevant to the audience. The headers on the features and sections allow easy navigation."

"Nicely put together, beautiful, glossy—refreshing in this economy."


2. (Silver Winner)

JCK: The Green Issue
Hedda Schupak, Editor-In-Chief


Judging comments:
"JCK has put together a nearly perfect issue—it’s simple to navigate and packed with practical information that’s presented in an easy-to-read format. The articles in the Green Issue section are all timely and relevant. They go beyond the trite information presented to consumers to actually explore avenues relevant to jewelers."

"The entire magazine has excellent flow; articles and news items are logically placed. Everything is well-written and the reporting is upbeat and targeted. Overall, the magazine is outstanding."


3. (Bronze Winner)

February 2008
Linda Monroe, Jana Madsen, Leah Garris, Jenna Aker


Judging comments:
"Buildings is an excellent publication that is easy to navigate and read. Every article is targeted to the audience. Even mundane items (such as products) are attractive, well-written and easy to read. The Editors’ Choice section on the last page is superb and takes advantage of this highly read real estate. The Table of Contents is easy to read and follow. Buildings listens to its readers and chooses topics based on their preferences. It believes in interaction with its audience and reinforces this practice throughout its print publication."

"Excellently illustrated stories and graphics; well-researched content; attractive presentation of material; several entry points to each article."


4. Corporate Event
Corporate Event Staff



5. Are You? Central
Emphasis Media Limited / Hongkong Land



6. Leadership
Leadership special tribute edition to Mandela's 90th
Robbie Stammers



7. NCAA Champion
Spring 2008 issue
David Pickle, Gary Brown



8. TravelAge West
Budget Britain
Kenneth Shapiro, Editor -in-Chief; Janeen Christoff, Managing Editor; Deborah Dimond, Art Director



9. Wood Design & Building
Spring 2008, Number 42
Bernadette Johnson, Sharon MacIntosh, Ioana Lazea



10. Benefits Canada
Pain Management
Alyssa Hodder, Editor; Elaine Fenech, Art Director; Brooke Smith, Associate Editor; April Scott-Clarke, Assistant Editor; Jody White, Associate Editor,



11. Exhibitor Magazine
Exhibitor Magazine Staff



12. New Zealand Doctor
27 August 2008 issue
New Zealand Doctor Editorial Team 2008



13. TED Magazine
February 2008 issue
TED Magazine staff



14. GPN
September 2008
GPN Staff



15. Convene
June 2008 Issue
Deborah Sexton, Michelle Russell, Christopher Durso, Barbara Palmer, Peggy Swisher



16. Convenience Store News
NACS Issue
Don Longo, Tammy Mastroberte, Barbara Grondin Francellla, Linda Lisanti, Mehgan Belanger



17. Civil Engineering
January 2008 issue
Anne Elizabeth Powell, editor in chief



18. Computerworld
February 25 2008
Computerworld Staff



19. Water Quality Products
September 2008
Stephanie Harris, Becky Wilhelm, Neda Simeonova, Melissa Rosenquist, Caitlin Cunningham



20. Commercial Investment Real Estate
Sept./Oct. 2008
Sara Drummond, Jennifer Norbut, Stephanie Bell, Rich Rosfelder, R.J. Sirois



21. College Planning & Management
Special Green Issue
Deb Moore, Executive Editor/Publisher; Shannon O'Connor, Editor; Matt Cole, Art Director



22. Construction Executive
Gail Raiman, Lisa Nardone, Lauren Pinch, Joanna Masterson



23. Sourcing Hardware
Mr. Deepak Gupta



24. DTN/The Progressive Farmer
Managing Risk in Volatile Times
Editorial Staff of DTN/The Progressive Farmer, Marcia Taylor, Greg Horstmeier, Darin Newsom, Bryce Anderson



25. Elevator World
Eco Issues in Vertical Transportation ( Green Issue)
Elevator World, Inc.; Ricia Hendrick; T. Bruce MacKinnon; Bob Caporale; Tricia Cartee




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