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Opening Page or Spread: Top 25 Entries


1. (Gold Winner)

nyse magazine
Biotech Revolution
Charlene Benson, Roman Luba, Julia Michry, Fran Ri


Judging comments:
"A nicely executed combination of a compelling illustration and masterfully-handled type. It was wise to run the headline vertically as well as match the color blocking of the illustration — great way to tie everything together. "

"Great use of colors. The rotated type was done very well. Clean and attention grabbing with a nice illustration."


2. (Silver Winner)

CRM magazine
Pay Day
Laura Hegyi, Editors of CRM magazine


 Judging comments:
"This entry gets everything right across the board — a compelling photo, effective and appropriate graphics to enhance the image, and wise choices of type treatments. The dimensional quality of the illustration on the leftfacing page helps balance the layout."



3. (Bronze Winner)

Is Your Child In Pain?
The Magazine Group; National Hemophilia Foundation; Gregory Atkins


 Judging comments:
"The photograph and type treatment really grab your attention. The black-and-white look with just a little color is very nice."




4. Scotsman Guide, commercial edition
Doing Business in the Information Age
Deborah Richardson, Keith Negley, Dennis Wunsch



5. Interiors & Sources
Photo Essay: Dannon Co.
Kim Barbrie, Art Director; Mike Stanley, Publisher; Robert Nieminen, Editor; Jamie Nicpon, Managing Editor; Woodruff & Brown, Photography



6. 1to1 Magazine
Is Loyalty at Risk?
Annette Webb, Lorri Cosentino



7. Inbound Logistics
So Your Provider Has Merged
Inbound Logistics Staff



8. Computerworld
Would You Like Wi-Fi With That?
April O'Connor, Designer; Richard Borge, Illustrator



9. Pharmacy Practice
Pinpointing the Pain
Shawn Samson, Art Director



10. Professionally Speaking
Cyberbullying — Threat or teachable moment?
Matthew Plexman, Ross Rodgers, Andrea Lee, Leata Lekushoff, Joyce Mason, Kate Heron



11. Diabetes Forecast
Owning Up
The Magazine Group; American Diabetes Association; Kevin Hambel



12. Digital Content Producer
Across the Bridge
Amanda Fletcher, Trevor Boyer, Jason Woodruff



13. Shipping Digest
Libation Logistics
Sue Boehning



14. Florida Shipper
Inland ports Ahoy
Sue Boehning



15. Real Estate Portfolio
Opportunity Knocks
The Magazine Group; National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts; Kevin Hambel



16. Vision
New Views
The Magazine Group; Consumer Electronics Association; Glenn Pierce



The Body in Pain
Peggy Slasman



18. California Schools
Art Smarts: Lessons learned about investing in a well-rounded education
Kerry Macklin, senior designer; Susan Swigart, editor in chief; Brian Taylor, managing editor



19. MOVE
MOVE Fall 2007, WHZ SO VN?
Melissa Ferrari, Katelyn Wyszynski and AURAS Design



20. Benefits Canada
Spending Wisely
Elaine Fenech, Alyssa Hodder



21. rt image
Had Enough?
Laurie Redd-Miller



22. Realtor Magazine
30 Under 30
Julie Fournier, Manager of Creative Design



23. Community College Journal
Beyond Paper, Ink and Cardboard
The Magazine Group; American Association of Community Colleges; Brian Rees



24. J.C.K.
Todd Gast, Art Director



25. Storage
Leading libraries
Chris Lake, Mary Beth Cadwell



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