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Front Cover, Photograph: Top 25 Entries


1. (Gold Winner)

Graphic Arts Monthly
December Issue
Anne LoCascio, William Esler


Judging comments:
"The colors and composition of the photograph are very dynamic. The use of a spot varnish is well executed."

"This entry is a perfect example of how the accompanying statements can impact judging scores, particularly when so many high-quality entries are involved. The image itself is stunning, stands completely on its own merit, and lends perfectly to an attractive and effective composition. However, the way that the production process was explained in detail, and that the publication is at the forefront of industry-changing environmentally related technologies and trends made this a winner in my book."


2. (Silver Winner)

Data destruction: When data should disappear
Michael Grecco, Mary Beth Cadwell


 Judging comments:
"Well thought out photo shoot. The props, background and colors all make for a wonderful cover."


3. (Bronze Winner)

Design Indaba
Green Living — The Burning Issue
Nadine Botha, Paul Hofman, Richard Quintal, Brian Mtongana, Ravi Naidoo


 Judging comments:
"An absolutely amazing idea to illustrate global warming. The cover is very well done."


4. rt image
Breast Cancer: An Equal Opportunity Killer?
Laurie Redd-Miller



5. NZ Retail
April 2007, Issue 650
Trudy Cliff, Maxim



6. Computerworld
How to Boost Your Career in '08
April O'Connor, Designer; Stephen Webster, Photographer



7. Club Life Magazine
Sydney Rowing Club
Club Life Magazine



8. Speech Technology
Mission: Video
Laura Hegyi



9. Gifts & Decorative Accessories
Mr. Good Buys
Miguel Bravo, Paul Godwin, Bessie Nestoras



10. Canadian Investment
Over the Top
Elaine Fenech, Caroline Cakebread



11. Jewish Woman
Jewish Woman
The Magazine Group; Jewish Women International; Melissa Hamid



12. Modern Healthcare
It's Criminal
Percy Marioni



13. Proto
Fall 2007 Cover
Peggy Slasman



14. Pharmacy Practice
Do You Measure Up?
Shawn Samson, Rosalind Stefanac, Honey Fisher, Tanya Stuart, Joseph Marranca



15. J.C.K.
Todd Gast, Art Director



16. 1to1 Magazine
Is Loyalty at Risk?
Annette Webb, Lorri Cosentino



17. Water Quality Products
The Art of RO Water (front cover)
Stephanie Harris, Neda Simeonova, Melissa Rosenquist, Clare Pierson, Rebecca Wilhelm



18. Interiors & Sources
September 2007 Cover: Gensler
Kim Barbrie, Art Director; Mike Stanley, Publisher; Robert Nieminen, Editor; Jamie Nicpon, Managing Editor; Benny Chan/Fotoworks, Photography



19. Forum Magazine
Circle of Trust
Giselle Sabatini, Art Director; Kristin Doucet, Editor; Peter Wilmshurst, Publisher



20. SEMA News
June 2007: This CAN Sell Accessories
Peter MacGillivray, Matthew Pearson, Darryl Dennis



21. 25 in Africa
The increasing oil price
Marlene Raubenheimer



22. SQM
SQM Summer 2007
Sally Lindsay, John McCombe (photographer), Mark Synnott (managing director)



23. Occupational Hazards
February 2007 Issue
Samantha Himes, Sandy Smith



24. Canadian Sailings
Women in Logistics
Joyce Hammock



25. Insurancewest
Necessary Roughness
Willie Wong, Fran Burnside, Don McLellan, Perry Dunn

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