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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

Physicians Practice
Give Peace a Chance
Shirley Grace


Judging comments:
"The author took a rather mundane topic and made it interesting and relevant to read. I was impressed that I actually wanted to read the entire article, twice. The author used relevant examples to illustrate her point and to educate her readers."



2. (Silver Winner)

Second Life: Is there any 'there' there?
Gary Anthes, Kathleen Melymuka, Stephanie Faucher


Judging comments:
"I was completely set up to be disappointed with this feature, but I was pleasantly surprised with Gary’s skill at a narrative. The writer handled the topic with ease and personality that directly relates to his audience. The tone in the feature is ideal. Gary covered a topic well and with precision."



3. (Bronze Winner)

Better Farming
Faith in Arlan Galbraith, Ontario's Pigeon King
Mary Baxter, Robert Irwin, Don Stoneman


Judging comments:
"This feature presents a compelling investigation that the magazine undertook to look at a possible Ponzi scheme. The story is well-written and examines all angles of the Pigeon King. I think that this feature did more for the industry than any other feature entered in the contest. Great job with reporting. Great job with writing and editing. Overall, an A+."



4. Fortune
Confessions of a CEO
Stephanie N. Mehta



5. 1to1 Magazine
Is Loyalty at Risk?
John Gaffney



6. Professionally Speaking
Cyberbullying — Threat or teachable moment?
Beatrice Schriever, Philip Carter, Joyce Mason, Richard Lewko



7. Architect
Ned Cramer, Hannah McCann



8. PC World
The Threats You Can't See
Yardena Arar, senior editor; Edward N. Albro, editor; Steven Gray, senior copy editor; Barbara Adamson, art director; Jeff Berlin, deputy art director



9. Information Security
CSI for the CISO
Michael S. Mimoso, Marcia Savage



10. Foodservice Equipment Reports
Power Play
Janice Cha, Jennifer Hicks, Julie Wilhm



11. CIO Magazine
Your World Hacked
Stephanie Overby, Elana Varon, Terri Haas, Kristin Burnham, Cathy Mallen



12. rt image
Getting Inside Baseball
rt image staff



13. Wares New Zealand
The Life and Times of iBoy 5.0
Pauline Herbst



14. CRM magazine
Power to the People
David Myron, Jessica Tsai, Laura Hegyi, Joshua Weinberger, CRM magazine staff



15. Construction Executive
Making Preparedness a Priority
Joanna Masterson



16. Modern Healthcare
Genetic Conflict
Laura B. Benko



Sweet Escape
Chelsea Houy, Maureen Patterson



18. Veterinary Forum
Forget Everything You Know About Ticks
Marie Rosenthal, Jennifer Barlow, CJ Ellis



19. Interiors & Sources
Designing for the Perfect Wave
Kim Barbrie, Art Director; Mike Stanley, Publisher; Robert Nieminen, Editor; Jamie Nicpon, Managing Editor; Carol Tisch, Contributing Writer



20. Digital Content Producer
One-man Crew
Trevor Boyer, Lucy Sutton, Jessaca Gutierrez, Amanda Fletcher, Cynthia Wisehart



21. Shipping Digest
Libation Logistics
Chris Barnett



22. TravelAge West
Going Green
Anne Burke, Deborah Dimond, Janeen Christoff



23. Engineering, Inc.
The Big Dig
The Magazine Group; American Council of Engineering Companies; Samuel Greengard



24. Exhibitor Magazine
Rental Report
Exhibitor Magazine Staff



25. Tobacco Reporter
Let there be Leaf
Taco Tuinstra



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