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Best Single Issue: Top 25 Issues

1. (Gold Winner)

July 2007 Issue


 Judging comments:
"BUILDER blends, news, profiles, original research and clean, colorful design into an exciting and pragmatic package. This is a publication its audience needs to read and enjoys reading."


2. (Silver Winner)

National Real Estate Investor
Wild Ride for Office REITs
Matt Valley, Sibley Fleming, Denise Kalette, Parke Chapman, Jaun Mims


Judging comments:
"The magazine provides a comprehensive package of business information for a wide range of real estate investos, delivered in a clean, professional design. It has more in common with weekly business magazines than monthly vertical market publications and leaves a reader feeling informed and smart."

"Practical as well as stylish, fun and business-like at the same time."


3. (Bronze Winner)

Inbound Logistics
January 2007 Issue
Inbound Logistics Staff


4. Modern Healthcare
June 25, 2007 Issue
Modern Healthcare Staff



5. millimeter
September/October 2007 Issue
Digital Content Producer Staff



6. Legal Business
Global 50 Edition
James Baxter



7. Internet Retailer
June 2007 issue
Kurt Peters, Bill Siwicki, Paul Demery, Mark Brohan, Mary Wagner



8. Accountancy Age
5 July 2007 Issue
Accountancy Age staff



9. Family Business
Autumn 2007 Issue
Barbara Spector, Bill Cooke, Caro U. Rock



10. GPN
December 2007 Issue
GPN Staff



11. PC World
PC World Editorial Staff



12. Benefits Canada
June 2007 Issue: What She Wants
Don Bisch, Elaine Fenech, Brooke Smith, Craig Sebastiano, Leigh Doyle



13. Business Quotient (BizQ)
April/May/June 2007 Cover
SPH Magazines Pte Ltd



14. Floor Covering Weekly
Floor Covering Weekly's Statistical Issue
FCW Staff



15. Construction Week
10-16 November 2007 Issue
Angela Giuffrida, Matthew Ross, Conrad Egbert, Hugo Berger



16. Exhibitor Magazine
March 2007 Issue
Exhibitor Magazine Staff



17. Architect
May 2007: The Power Issue
Ned Cramer



18. New Zealand Retail
April 2007, Issue 650
Trudy Cliff



19. FUEL
Third Quarter 2007: The Road to Sustainability
E. Kristine Klavers, Publisher; Monique A. Hitchings, Editor; Jo Ann Davy, Associate Editor; Hart Energy Consulting and International Fuel Quality Center staffs



20. EDUCAUSE Review
September/October 2007 Issue
D. Teddy Diggs



21. Best's Review
December 2007
Best's Review Staff



22. CGA Magazine
September-October 2007 Issue
Barbara Cameron, Peggy Homan, Lily Chow, Gavin Carroll, Doris Hollett



23. Buildings
February 2007 Issue
Linda K. Monroe, Jana J. Madsen, Leah B. Garris



24. SQM
SQM Winter 2007
Sally Lindsay, Mark Synnott (managing director)



25. Bulletin International Edition
October/November 2007 Issue: East
Bulletin International Editorial Team



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