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Opening Page or Spread: Top 25 Entries


1. (Gold Winner)

nyse magazine
The Franchise Model
Roman Luba, Julia Michry, Fran Ri, MDIDIGITAL.COM


Judging comments:
"Composition excels with type treatment and attention-getting imagery."

"Outstanding selection of illustration — truly innovative play on the word 'model.' The image really pops and draws the reader into the article. The illustration and the way it is incorporated into the headline is great! Good use of color and gradients."


2. (Silver Winner)

Information Security
That Sinking Feeling
Maureen Joyce, Art Director; John Kuczala, Photographer


 Judging comments:
"Excellent use of white space. Good photo choice as well as nice spot colors — the orange for the byline is subtle, but effective. "



3. (Bronze Winner)

Y Me
Laura Hegyi, Alison Lowander, David Myron


 Judging comments:
"The repetition of the headline type with the photo creates a whimsical composition. Color selection complements the photo and adds pizzazz."




4. Inbound Logistics
Shopping for Solutions
Michael Murphy, Art Director



5. Travelage West
Selling the Life of Luxury
Kenneth Shapiro, J.L. Erickson, Deborah Dimond



6. Managed Healthcare Executive
September 2006 Issue
Brian M. Smith, Paul Sirochman



7. Computerworld
New Twist on Displays
Stephanie Foucher



8. Professionally Speaking
Courage in Afghanistan
Joyce Mason (Managing Editor), Lana Slezic (Photographer), Ross Rodgers and Andrea Lee (Designers), Leata Lekushoff (Photo Editor & Production Manager)



10. The ACC Docket
Constructing Standard Metrics of Your Law Department
Kimberly A. Howard, Diane K. Rusignola, Tiffani R. Alexander



10. Scotsman Guide, residential edition
A Growing Market
Deb Choat, Keith Negley, Scotsman Guide staff



11. RT Image
A Rheumatic Revolution
Laurie Redd-Miller



12. OPC Register
David Suzuki
Peggy Sweeney, Author; James Ireland Design Inc.; Greg Pacek, Photographer



13. CIO Decisions
The Replacements
Linda Koury



14. InfoWorld
Enterprise Mashups
Leo Espinosa, Ben Barbante



15. Community Banker
Taking the Pressure Off
James D. Melvin



16. Footwear Plus
Enchanted Forest
Michael Brian, Photographer; Nancy Campbell, Creative Director



17.REALTORĘ Magazine
Going Global
Julie Fournier, Manager of Creative Design



18. Fresh Cup
Healthy Alternatives
David Drouin, Cynthia Kirsch, Studio 3, Craig Wagner



19. Animal Sheltering Magazine
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bird Flu?
Monica Bussolati, Jamie Mitchell



20. Windows IT Pro
10 Keys to Command Shell Scripting
Larry Purvis



21. Storage
Speed Wars: Fibre Channel vs. Ethernet
Mary Beth Cadwell, Nathan Fox



22. CRN
Do Online Plans Hold Water
David Nicastro



23. NZ Retail
A Many Headed Beast
Trudy Cliff



24. TED
Lessons from Other Channels
TED Staff



25. Civil Engineering
Landmark Reinvented
Jan Hilton



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