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Front Cover, Photograph: Top 25 Entries


1. (Gold Winner)

Inbound Logistics
February 2006 Issue
Michael Murphy, Art Director


Judging comments:
"Great juxtaposition of a traditional photo with whimsical concept — the added type on the edges of the books is great attention to detail and really makes the composition."


2. (Silver Winner)

RT Image
Special Focus: Breast Cancer
Laurie Redd-Miller


 Judging comments:
"A truly amazing photo. The subject turned to the side is different, yet very effective. Her facial expression is very thought-provoking."


3. (Bronze Winner)

April 2006 Cover
Michael Scott, Photographer; Gabrielle Heitler, Creative Director


 Judging comments:
"The photo used is very strong. From the look captured on her face, to her pose, to the colors, right down to the props. It's all top-notch! "


4. CIO Decisions
February 2006 Cover
Linda Koury



5. NZ Retail
October 2006 Issue
Trudy Cliff, Maxim Group



6. Footwear Plus
October/November 2006 Cover
Michael Brian, Photographer; Nancy Campbell, Creative Director



7. The Concrete Producer
Steve Phillips, Larry Evans, Rick Yelton, Tom Bagsarian, Hilary Legacy



8. Law Practice
April/May 2006 Cover
Mark Feldman



9. Information Security
Captive to Compliance
Maureen Joyce, Art Director; Robert Houser, Photographer



10. CRN
Wake-up Call
David Nicastro, Kim Kulish



11. Cosmetics & Toiletries
Antiaging In-Focus
Matt Gronlund, Publisher; Rachel Chapman, Senior Editor; Bryan Crowe, Art Director; Alissa Beck, Graphic Designer



12. Best's Review
September 2006 Cover
Ellen Wagner



13. Architect
November/December 2006
Ned Cramer, Editor in Chief; Abbott Miller, Pentagram; Kristen Spilman, Pentagram; Steve West; Blaine Brownell



14. Processing
Powder Handling Handbook
Ronisha Quang, Julie Flynn



15. CRM
Fever Pitch
Laura Hegyi, Alison Lowander, David Myron



16. Playthings
Great Pretenders
Miguel Bravo, Charles Seesselberlg



17. Gifts & Decorative Accessories
Oh Baby!
Miguel Bravo, Paul Godwin, Bessie Nestoras



18. Windows IT Pro
Larry Purvis



19. Realtor Magazine
2006 Good Neighbor (Chuck Ayala)
Julie Fournier, Manager of Creative Design



20. TED
Home Depot Breaks Into Pro Market
TED Staff



March 2006 Cover
FUNWORLD Staff (Photo by John Fisher)



22. Appliance Design
January 2006 Cover
Matt Britcher



23. Managed Healthcare Executive
December 2006 Issue
Brian M. Smith, Sally-Anderson Bruce



24. Travelage West
The Cutting Edge
Kenneth Shapiro, Anne Burke, Deborah Dimond



25. Modern Healthcare
Murder or Mercy?
Keith Horist, Percy Marioni

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