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Feature Article: Top 25 Entries

1. (Gold Winner)

Paper Cuts
Robert L. Mitchell, April O'Connor


Judging comments:
"'Paper Cuts' takes an in-depth look at an issue that is very relevant to its audience. The artwork used ties the entire package together and makes it appealing to read. The writer looks at many issues regarding paper use and even does a case history. There are many entry points that can grab the casual reader. The sidebars are presented in manageable bites. Mitchell presents a strong lead and ends with a good conclusion."



2. (Silver Winner)

Travelage West
The Cutting Edge
Kenneth Shapiro, Anne Burke, Deborah Dimond


Judging comments:
"The reporting in 'The Cutting Edge' was thorough and thought-provoking. It balanced both sides of the issue with ease and allowed the reader to come to his own conclusion. It also went beyond just presenting the story by analyzing the issue of medical tourism. The lead was clean and engaging and had the right mix of facts and narrative. The sidebars are an appropriate length and fit into the story by supplying additional facts in a tidy package. The layout was clean and inviting to read. The sidebars had a 'cut out' treatment that fit perfectly with the article. The photos illustrated the facts and were eye-catching as well. Overall, A++."



3. (Bronze Winner)

CIO Decisions
The Long Road Back
Michael Ybarra, Tom Kaneshige, Anne McCrory, Lauren Horwitz


Judging comments:
"I read a LOT of stories about Hurricane Katrina. 'The Long Road Back' really stood out as a testament that there is a great feature that can be relevant to an industry if the writer takes the time to find it. The story went beyond the traditional 'we had a hurricane and now what do we do?' angle and instead concentrated on how one company went through the ordeal. Although the focus is on one company, the main concentration is extremely relevant since it focuses on the IT manager and what went wrong. You can really tell that the writer did his homework. The story is beautifully presented and easy to digest since it is broken into logical parts. The sidebars are relevant and present information that is necessary and helps bring the story's point home."



4. APICS Magazine
Staying on Course
Elizabeth Rennie



5. NZ Retail
In a Spin
Lynda Gray



6. Best's Review
Searching for a Cause
Rick Cornejo



7. InfoWorld
Trapped in a Browser
Oliver Rist, Eric Knorr



8. American Funeral Director
When War Hits Home
Edward J. Defort



9. Multichannel News
Outer Limits
Linda H. Moss, R. Thomas Umstead



Caught In Between But Not to Be Ignored
Keith Miller



Hipsville, AR
David Squires, Paul Holewa, Trace Shelton, Chris Burslem



12. Professionally Speaking
Courage in Afghanistan
Sally Armstrong (Writer & Photographer), Lana Slezic (Photographer), Richard Lewko (Publisher), Joyce Mason (Managing Editor), Leata Lekushoff (Photo Editor & Production Manager)



13. Tobacco Reporter
Two Case Studies
Taco Tuinstra



14. Storage
Anatomy of an Upgrade: Veritas NetBackup 6.0
Jo Maitland, Rich Friedman, Kim Hefner, Heather Darcy



15. 1to1 Magazine
Inside the Mind of the Conscientious Customer
John Gaffney



16. Construction Equipment
Industry Moves to Stem the Theft Tide
Larry Stewart



17. CIO
IT Versus Terror
Ben Worthen, Christopher Koch, Terri Haas, Emily Henderson, Margaret Locher



18. Physicians Practice
The Straight-A Patient
Physicians Practice Staff



19. REALTOR Magazine
Calculated Risk
Mariwyn Evans, Senior Editor



20. LatinFinance
Back in Argentina's Arms — Luscious Yields Lure Investors
Amy Guthrie, Jude Webber



21. Law Technology News
Katrina's Wake
Monica Bay, Russ Curtis, Shane Deleers, Tom O'Connor



22. Network World
Fake network gear can be hard to spot
Amy Schurr



23. Graphic Monthly Canada
China Targets Print
Filomena Tamburri



24. PrintAction
Confidence Game, The Systematic Destruction of Howell Printing
Jon Robinson



25. Gifts & Decorative Accessories
Weathering the Storm
Maria Weiskott, Meredith Schwartz, Matthew Kalash, Miguel Bravo



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