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Special Section: Top 25 Entries


1. (Gold Winner)

Builder 100: Survival of the Fit
Michele Mariani, Loretta Williams, John Caulfield, Matthew Power, Charles Wardell


Judging comments:
"Top 100 issues are common among business and trade magazines, but exhaustive staff research and in-depth features that complement those lists are less common. The "Builder 100" package is about nuances in the industry, not just numerals, and it's package is everything a special section should be -- exhaustive but simplified, analytical and balanced, innovative and sharp"



2. (Silver Winner)

State of the Industry
Maria Weiskott, Miguel Bravo, Tina Benitez, Colleen Bohen, Reyne Rice


 Judging comments:
"Entertaining and informative ... at-a-glance graphics were interesting and easy to read and understand. Excellent work."


3. (Bronze Winner)

100 Best Places to Work in IT 2005
Computerworld Editorial Staff, Ellen Fanning, Mary Brandel, Mari Keefe & Design Team


Judging comments:
"A joy to read and look at ... creative, entertaining headlines and pullouts made the copy come to life. Wonderful work overall."


Special Outsourcing Section
Membership Publications, Marvia Avant, Leila Marlin, Julie Hilton



5. PC World
The New Security War
PC World Editorial and Art Staff



6. Construction Week
Site worker death toll exceeds 800, special issue
Sean Cronin, Colin Foreman, Zoe Naylor, Conrad Egbert



7. Windows IT Pro Magazine
IT Industry Survey
Windows IT Pro Staff



8. Information Security magazine
Security Seven
Kelley Damore, Editor-in-Chief; Jon Panker, Editorial Director; Information Security magazine Staff



9. Network World
The Buzz Issue
Beth Schultz, Signature Series Editor and Julie Bort, Signature Series Executive Editor



10. NYSE Magazine
CEO Agenda
Sharon Kahn, Roman Luba, Julia Michry



11. tce
Graduate Supplement
Claudia Flavell-While; Clare Sanders



12. Security Management
Lessons from New Orleans
Sherry L. Harowitz, Michael A. Gips, Peter Piazza, Marta Roberts, Robert Elliott



13. Automotive News
100 Leading Women
Automotive News Staff



14. Executive Magazine
14 Feb / 28 Feb
Yasser Akkaoui



15. Transmission & Distribution World
Hurricanes & Heroes
Rick Bush, Emily Saarela, Carrie Parsons, Phil Musser, Susan Lakin



16. Storage Magazine
Spotlight on midrange arrays
Jerome M. Wendt (Author), Alex Barrett (Author), Rich Castagna (Author), Jo Maitland (Author) and Alan Radding (Author)



17. CIO Insight
Growing Pains
Dan Briody, Edward Baker, Jeffrey Rothfeder, Duff McDonald, Larry Stevens



18. CRN
Services Lead to Profits
Heather Clancy, Craig Zarley



19. Construction Equipment
Recipes for Reduction
Rod Sutton, Larry Stewart, Walt Moore, Katie Weiler, Heather Burlingame



20. Law Technology News
EDD Showcase
Monica Bay, John Bringardner, Shane DeLeers



21. Glass Magazine
Museum glazing
Glass Magazine Staff, Heather West, Nancy M. Davis, Katy Devlin, Jenni Chase



22. Engineering News-Record
India's Push For Progress
Peter Reina, John Kosowatz, Guy Lawrence, Agnus Montalban Salvio



23. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
2005 Job and Salary Survey
Agnes Shanley, Paul Thomas, Stephen Herner



24. ECOS
Focus - Ecosystem Services Markets
James Porteous, James Kelly, Briana Elwood, Jennifer Griggs



25. Automotive News Europe
Spotlight on the IAA
Automotive News Europe Editorial Staff

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