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Opening Page or Spread: Top 25 Entries


1. (Gold Winner)

Walking The Talk
Giulia Fini, John Longwell, Adeline Cannone, Joseph DiRusso, Kerin Gardener


Judging comments:
"Composition excels with type treatment and attention-getting imagery."

"Overall, this spread is well-balanced and eye-catching and really grabs your attention. The photograph is unique and sets a good tone. The headline running down the middle of the page is a refreshing touch and the use of colors and fonts are excellent. The additional stories and page numbers at the bottom of the page were done very well."

2. (Silver Winner)

Digital Connect
Calling All Geeks
David Nicastro, Jim Lawyer, Jeff O'Heir, Adeline Cannone


 Judging comments:
"Whimsical photo and strong headline treatment make for a successful design."

"This photo illustrates the story in such an effective way and sets a great tone. The headline treatment is very eye-catching and interesting. The use of blue and yellow spot colors balance everything nicely. Overall, this spread really grabs your attention."


3. (Bronze Winner)

Banking Strategies
The Exacting Science of Compensation
BAI, Pressley Jacobs Design


Judging comments:
"Excellent use of metaphorical image and corresponding illustrations; great use of white space balances imagery."

"The art used is such a great spin on could potentially be an over-done theme. The slicesd carrot is very effective and so interesting to look at. The first page is also very eye-catching with the use of white space and simple color scheme. Overall, this spread is very crisp and clean."


4. RT Image
Cancer Treatment Hits Bull's-eye
Alyssa Yeager



5. CRM Magazine
Do It Yourself
Laura Hegyi, David Myron, Alison Lowander, Heide Dengler, Coreen Bailor



6. Print Solutions Magazine
Marketing U
Roxanne Rash



7. Travelage West
White-Hot Shanghai
Kenneth Shapiro, Mia Marzan



8. EContent
The Evolution of Knowledge Management: This Time It's Personal
Renee Fortin, Michelle Manafy, Jared Bernstein, Heather Edwards



9. CIO Insight
Get Real
Aileen Hengeveld, Viviana Bromberg, Dennis Kleiman



10. Information Security magazine
Maureen Joyce, Creative Director; John Kuczala, Photographer



11. eatdrink® Magazine
Leadership with Paul Mathis: It's like making up a human. It's about my intellect, my attitudes.
eatdrink® Magazine Team Atlantic Group Pty Ltd



12. Associations Now
Bunny Basics Feature Spread
Monica Bussolati, Jessie Despard



13. CIO Decisions
Talent Crisis Redux
Linda Koury, Art Director; Joseph Rafferty, Photographer



14. InfoWorld
The Great Migration Challenge
Ben Barbante



15. Computerworld
When IT Vendors Merge
Julie Quinn



16. Storage Magazine
Midrange Arrays Arrive
Mary Beth Cadwell (Art Director), Nik Schulz (Illustrator)



17. OPC Register
Bullies and Babies
Molly Hopkins, Editor; Tammy Hunter, Art Director; Melanie Gordon, Photography; Mary Gordon, Author



18. Dealernews
Conspiring to Perform
Lisa Aviles



19. Realtor Magazine
June 2005, 30 Under 30
Julie Fournier, Manager of Creative Design, Communications



20. Personnel Today
The Awkward Squad
Kate Collings, Numa Randell



21. Florida Shipper
Roll the dice
Sue Boehning



22. ACC Docket
Managing the High Costs of Patents
Ken Lawrence, Jennifer Alvey, Sarah Herbert, Angela Taylor, Diane Rusignola, Nicole Opkins



23. Swimming World Magazine
March 2005 Issue
Jacquelyn Brown



24. Financial Executive
Aligning the IT Organization to Boost Financials
Jeffrey Marshall, Ellen M. Heffes, Laura Avello, Hope Zelinski



25. Managed Heathcare Executive
Government Can't be Everywhere
Brian M. Smith, Julie Miller


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