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Front Cover, Photograph: Top 25 Entries


1. (Gold Winner)

Legal Business
June 2005 Issue -- Bad Habits
Richard Lloyd, James Baxter, Tom Freeman, Anthony Notaras, Sam Kenworthy


Judging comments:
"Excellent use of product and logos to convey seriousness of the subject at hand."

"The stark white background and blue spot color is very refreshing. The concept is excellent and the execution is flawless, the cigarette box looks as real as possible. The copy placed on the front of the box tells a great story, all on its own."

2. (Silver Winner)

December 2005 Cover
Adrian Prowse


 Judging comments:
"Photo offers strong colors and lines in an appealing arrangement; selective focus draws eye to copy."

"The photo chosen for this cover is extremely eye-catching. The photographer used a great angle and the art director chose a very unique type of chocolate. The spot colors used on the cover tie in well to the photo, but don't take away from the focus of the image. The additional copy is extremely legible, while also not taking away from the main focus."

3. (Bronze Winner)

eatdrink® Magazine
Choosing The Future
eatdrink® Magazine Team Atlantic Group Pty Ltd


 Judging comments:
"Unconventional combination of elements add interest to composition."

4. Fleet Owner
The Technician Shortage
Dan Zeis



5. Gifts & Decorative Accessories
Sweet Smells of Success
Paul Godwin, Miguel Bravo, Meredith Schwartz



6. CRN
Where's the Beef
David Nicastro, John Longwell, Adeline Cannone, Joseph DiRusso, Kerin Gardener



7. Vodaworld Magazine
Freshly Squeezed -- Spring Issue
Interactive Africa



8. Travelage West
Kenneth Shapiro, Mia Marzan



9. Dealernews
Gettin' Some Trail
Lisa Aviles



10. InfoWorld
Appliances Popping Up All Over
Andrew Danish, Kevin Candland



11. Deliver
Deliver Volume 1, Issue 4



12. Industrial Fabrics Products Review
Wired, with a twist: Innovations with stretchable electronics
Mary J. Hennessy, Publisher; Susan R. Niemi, Editorial Director; Galynn D. Nordstrom, Senior Editor; Jeff Barbian, Associate Editor; Jennifer L. Oswald, Senior Designer



13. Information Security magazine
October 2005 Cover
Maureen Joyce, Creative Director; Brian Smale, Photographer



14. Modern Healthcare
November 7, 2005 Front Cover
Keith Hoist, Percy Marioni



15. Playthings
Deep Pockets
Miguel Bravo, Charles Seesselberg



16. Banking Strategies
November/December 2005 Cover
BAI, Pressley Jacobs Design, James Schnepf



17. RT Image
Shades of Gray
Alyssa Yeager



18. EdTech
EdTech: Focus on K-12 magazine, Summer 2005 Issue
Lee Copeland, Jim Silvestri, Susie Sullivan, Eileen Feretic, Lisa Delgado



19. Realtor Magazine
November 2005, Good Neighbors: Forward
Julie Fournier, Manager of Creative Design, Communications



20. Associations Now
October 2005 Cover Photograph
Monica Bussolati, Amy Hartzler



21. Storage Magazine
Is Tape the Weakest Link?
Mary Beth Cadwell (Art Director), Kathleen Dooher (Photographer)



22. Pursuit Magazine
South African Fashion Week
Nikki Johnston, Editor; Denzil Van Schalkwyk, Art Director



23. eWEEK
Windows at 20
Paul Schaffrath, Design Director; Steve Anderson, Senior Art Director; Paul Connolly, Associate Art Director



24. Massage & Bodywork
April/May 2005, Spa Trends
Leslie Young, Darren Buford, Lori Garcia, Amy Lazorek, James Sutherlin



25. Museum News
Jan./Feb. 2005 Issue
Susan V. Levine, Art Director

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