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Best Single Issue: Top 25 Issues

1. (Gold Winner)

Legal Business
July/August 2004 Issue — The Summer of Lovells
Claire Smith, Chris Crowe, Richard Lloyd, Tom Freeman


Judging comments:
"The relatively small circulation of this magazine belies its heft, both its physical size and the thoroughness of its reporting. The editorial drive and attention to detail mirrors that of the attorneys of the high profile law firms whose opinions are cited throughout the issue."

"The insider reporting required for the cover story is impressive as is the exclusive analysis of the world's 50 largest law firms."

2. (Silver Winner)

Pensions & Investments
Pension fund issue
Pensions & Investments staff


Judging comments:
"This issue reflects an extraordinary effort to collect data on the largest U.S. pension funds. Despite the many tables and charts, the special section remains very readable and full of interesting stories revealed in the research. It's easy to see why this issue would be the annual measuring stick for the industry.

3. (Bronze Winner)

NZ Retail
October 2004 Issue
Trudy Cliff


  Judging comments:
"A thorough and useful overview of the retail industry in New Zealand. The articles and departments are well written and creative, and reflect a careful attention to detail as well as a sense of fun. The story contributors are well versed in industry issues and draw extensively on sources from the retail frontline."

"The magazine does an exceptional job of providing practical information for its readers and being a focal point of its community."

4. IEEE Spectrum
October 2004 Issue
Stephen Cass, Steven Cherry, Jean Kumagai, Samuel K. Moore, William Sweet



5. CIO
What It's Like to Be You
CIO Staff



6. Law Institute Journal
September 2004 Issue
Mick Paskos, Katherine Alexander, Michele Frankeni, Alison Shield, Jason Silverii



7. JEC Composites Magazine
February-March 2004 Issue
Frédérique Mutel, Frédéric Reux, Christine Raynaud, Antoine Laporte



8. CMO
Sooth Sayers
CMO Staff



9. National Real Estate Investor
Boutique vs. Behemoth
Matt Valley, Frank Skinner, Parke Chapman, Jared Reeder, John Herr



10. Asia Pacific Food Industry
Alternative Sweeteners: The Balancing Act



11. Grocers' Review
October 2004 Issue
John Corbett, Helen Williamson, Nicci George, Greg Scott, Lisa Williams



12. Executive Magazine
The Mating Season; Lebanon's most eligible banks
Yasser Akkaoui, Michael Karam, Thomas Schellen, Editorial Staff



13. Automotive News Europe
Big Night in Montreux
Automotive News Europe Staff



14. RT Image
"December 6, 2004 Issue"
RT Image Staff



15. PM Network
October 2004 Issue



16. Network World
June 21, 2004 Issue
Network World Staff



17. PC World Magazine
November 2004 Issue
Editorial, Design, and Test Center Staff



18. CSO
Deconstructing DHS
CSO Staff



19. Wood Design & Building
Summer 2004, Issue #48
Don Griffith, Marie-Nicole Manseau



20. Accountancy Age
24/6/04 Issue
Accountancy Age Staff



21. Travelage West
11/22/2004 Issue
TravelAge West Staff, Ken Shapiro, Mia Marzan



22. 9-1-1 Magazine
Southern California Wildfires
Vera Milo, Randall Larson, Bob Payne, James Voelkl, Dave Larton



23. Latin Trade
October 2004 Issue
Carlos Adese, Greg Brown, Gabriela Calderon, Forrest Jones, Andrés F. Velázquez



24. Heating & Plumbing Monthly
November 2004 Issue
Emma Kimber, Clare Gissing


Winter 2004 Issue
Naylor Publications, American Society of Interior Designers


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