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Best Single Issue: Top 25 Issues

1. (Gold Winner)

Accountancy Age
30/10/03 Issue
Accountancy Age Staff

Judging comments:
"Writing reflects strong emphasis on original reporting. Articles do a nice job of connecting news events to broader industry themes. Tone is authoritative, yet reflects an almost gossipy, insider's perspective."
"Excellent reporting. Nice balance of news and more in-depth profile and issue stories."


2. (Silver Winner)

Automotive News Europe
Frankfurt Auto Show 2003
Automotive News Europe Editorial Team

Judging comments:
"Great reporting. Lots of interesting stories. Mix of business, design, marketing."

3. (Bronze Winner)

Modern Healthcare
November 10, 2003 Issue
Modern Healthcare Staff

  Judging comments:
"Issues right out front on cover. Solid issues-oriented reporting. Editorial puts coverage and magazine's role in noble context."
"Excellent blend of 'second-day' news coverage and inside analysis. Presentation is conservative, but clean and very easy to read."

4. Latin Trade
Outlook 2004
Mike Zellner, Greg Brown, Gabriela Calderon, Bryan Cooper



5. eWEEK
August 11, 2003 Issue
eWEEK Staff



Instore, The magazine for American jewelry storeowners
Fred Mouawad, Dan Kisch, David Squires, Paul Holewa, Matthijs Braakman



7. Air Transport World
June 2003 Issue
Perry Flint, Kathryn Young, Danna Henderson, William A. Freeman, III, J.A. Donoghue



8. Network World
11/10/03 Issue
Network World Staff



9. Tobacco Reporter
June 2003 Issue
Noel Morris, Taco Tuinstra, Brandy Fisher, Amanda Puckett, Will Langley



10. Wood Design & Building
Spring 2003 Issue
Don Griffith, editor, Marie-Nicole Manseau, graphic designer



11. Buildings
November 2003 Issue
Linda K. Monroe, Jana J. Madsen, Regina Raiford Babcock, Leah B. Garris, Robin Suttell



12. GPN
July 2003 Issue
GPN Staff



13. Construction Executive
November 2003 Issue
M. Kirk Pickerel, Lisa A. Nardone, Amy Ingram, Jennifer Spillane



14. Storage
April 2003 Issue
Mark Schlack, Heather Darcy, Rich Friedman, Alex Barrett, Mary Beth Cadwell



15. Employee Benefit News
Employee Benefit News
David Albertson, Lynn Gresham, Craig Gunsauley, Jill Elswick, Karen Lee



16. MyBusiness Magazine
August/September 2003 Issue
MyBusiness Staff



17. EDN
Aerospace in the 21st Century
Maury Wright, Brian Dipert, Bill Schweber



18. Oracle Magazine
July/August 2003 Issue
Julia McVeigh, Jeff Spicer, Leslie Steere, Tom Haunert, Richard Merchan



19. Executive Update
August 2003 Issue
Liz Wore Whittemore, Scott Briscoe, Newton Holt, Kristin Merriman-Clarke, Christina Falck



20. Endocrine Today
May 2003 Issue
ET Editorial and Design Team



21. National Real Estate Investor
August 2003 Issue
Matt Valley, Jessica Miller, Parke Chapman, Jared Reeder, John Herr



22. Community Banker
October 2003 Issue
Community Banker Staff



23. Health Data Management
February 2003 Issue
Bill Siwicki, Greg Gillespie, Bill Briggs, Becky Kelly Schuerenberg, Joe Goedert



24. PM Network
PM Network, October 2003
Imagination Publishing



25. The Residential Specialist
Balancing Act Between Work and Home
Nina Cottrell, Sara Patterson, Gail Flagel, CRS, CRB


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